Upper house

amunt forms the “wooden house on a hill” in the black forest of germany

the house on a hill celebrates the scenic views and topography

On a hill in the southern Black Forest in Germany have a vacation lodge conceived by Rising. Guests who vacation exclusively in Germany wanted a sustainable getaway with high-quality architecture that celebrates this scenic location. Informed by its amorphous topography, the compact 110m² house unfolds over different levels, each of which frames sweeping views of the area.

The final structure reflects the traditional formations of the building but reveals a touch of modernity that surprises with its irregular facades. The design is expressed in two main in wood volumes inclined at 45° in relation to the slope and surmounted by a thin roof shell with large projections. One corner of the structure gently touches the ground, while the other sides are slightly elevated, supported by slender piles. Thus, the house creates different facade perspectives depending on the point of view of the observer.all images by Rasmus Norlander

exploring the bed adds a playful vibe while on vacation

For the “house on a hill”, the Studio based in Stuttgart opted for a structure strongly linked to the nature that surrounds it. The steep slope of the topography is reflected in the composition of the house, with a variety of “spatial situations” taking place at different levels. The entrance to the house is at the highest point of the sloping slope and leads residents to the changing room. Going down a few steps, they come across the kitchen and the dining room with a large balcony opening onto the maple tree. A few steps down lead to the living room and the fireplace.

If residents want to go to the dormitories, they must climb the central open staircase from the entrance level. There one can find different sleeping situations supporting the holiday mood. This includes a bunk bed, a cozy bedroom nestled in an alcove, sleeping accommodation on the mezzanine under the roof and a bedroom with a view of the stars. In total, the place offers eight varied sleeping places for young and old. of the

vibrant colors in harmony with nature

The architects applied generous amounts of glazing to flood the interior with stunning panoramas across the valley. This creates a feeling of blurred boundaries between indoors and outdoors as you walk through the house. Regarding the palette of materiality, the architects opted for something fresh and modern while exploiting local materials with high resilience and capacity for patina. Window frames are covered in a yellow tint, while other yellow pops can be found throughout the home, such as yellow netting serving as railings on upper floors, yellow doors, and light frames.

Most of the furniture is painted in pastel green working in harmony with the surrounding nature, while the flooring is wooden kept in its natural state. The body of the main staircase and the upper floor from below are painted with gasoline to further give the fresh and lively environment of the interior.

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reflecting the traditional form of local buildings