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Adam Marshall denies having egg on his face for refusing to phase out caged products | The head of the daily newspaper in the North

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THE MINISTER of Agriculture, Adam Marshall, strongly denies making any decision regarding the phase-out of caged eggs, despite opposition claims that his decision has been made. Government documents had indicated that the Northern Tablelands MP would not support the change, although full details of the phase-out have yet to be released. Staff from the Ministry of Primary Industries had also supported the elimination of conventional cages for laying and breeding hens by 2036. However, Mr Marshall told the chief he had not called on the matter and would continue to work with other states and the federal government. “The government of New South Wales continues to participate and contribute to the national process, led by the Commonwealth government, for the development of Australian animal welfare standards and guidelines for poultry,” he said. he declares. “An independent panel has been appointed to develop the draft standards and guidelines.” No decision has yet been taken. He said the state’s position on the matter would depend on this draft document and a regulatory impact statement. Seeing the phase-out of caged eggs is the director of Uralla Choook-A -Look Free Range Eggs, Sally Barnden. Besides being better for the welfare of the animal, she thinks the difference in quality is also noticeable. Like the idea that the hens are caged, they have need space to roam and roam, “she said.” I have personal and business clients who won’t use caged eggs, even my mom said ‘an egg is an egg’ , but she can taste the difference and even she said she would never eat caged egg again. ”But she understands that affordability is an issue and will be a major determinant of any change. Mr. Marshall also said the market would be a factor in the government’s decision, and he is currently indicating buyers prefer a choice. “Market pressures have shown that consumers always want a choice to allow them to make decisions based on their preferences, including food and budget,” he said. “The main considerations for NSW will be biosecurity, protein, affordability and, of course, good animal welfare practices.” However, the Animal Justice Party (AJP) believes Mr. Marshall’s decision has already been made, so the end result is a foregone conclusion. AJP MP Emma Hurst introduced a motion in the Upper House last week condemning Mr. Marshall for his previous comments on the matter. The motion was passed 16 to 15. “His rogue statement was made ahead of the National Agriculture Ministers meeting to finalize and approve Australian animal welfare standards and guidelines for poultry,” a- she declared. “Minister Marshall not only shows a shocking disregard for the process of national standards and guidelines, he ignores the experts, the community and the welfare of the nearly 12 million chickens still held in battery cages in Australia, in favor of being a pawn for the “After years of good faith, working between states and territories and with a meeting to finalize standards and guidelines around the corner, Minister Marshall said unilaterally that NSW will not support any phase-out of cages in the egg industry, regardless of what the final recommendations are. “Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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