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AAP wants to make inroads in MP electoral politics, uses triple ‘C’ formula to vet candidates

Mandsaur (Madhya Pradesh): Buoyed by its performance in the Delhi polls and recent Punjab assembly polls, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is giving the final push to make inroads into Madhya Pradesh’s electoral politics now and register its presence in the state assembly.

A party press conference was held here at the City Crown Hotel in Mandsaur on Saturday, during which Party State Spokesperson Aam Aadmi Naveen Kumar Agarwal, District Chairman Gangaram Patidar, Minister of district organization Vikas Solanki, youth wing members Vikas Agarwal, Yashwant Dhakad, Arun Parmar, Rajiv Bhargava and other party members addressed the press conference.

Aggrwal has promised a fair CBI investigation into the Prahalad Bandhwar murder case, if the party wins in the state and takes on the BJP for irregularities in the case. He added that the party has decided to compete for the 230 seats in the next parliamentary elections in MP in 2023. Corruption, inflation, famine and unemployment are major problems facing the country and only his party is serious enough to eradicate these problems.

He said the party seeks to reach out to a multitude of citizens, who share the AAP’s ideology and want to play a meaningful role in nation building. It will use its Delhi formula for selecting candidates based on the triple ‘C’ which stands for Crime, Corruption and Character.

Leaders with non-controversial backgrounds and a clean image will be allowed into the party. Meanwhile, dozens of journalists were present. Party district media officer Pawan Sunarthi cast a vote of thanks at the end of the event.

Posted: Sunday 01 May 2022, 21:56 IST