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After 17 weeks of commuting between Cariboo-Chilcotin and Victoria, the spring legislative session ended earlier this month. It was a busy time, full of legislative debates, question periods and meetings, but I loved the opportunity to advocate for Cariboo’s needs directly with the government in Victoria.

That’s the whole point of our representative democracy — that MPs like me can hear from people in our communities and bring their questions and concerns to the government. For me, ensuring that the voices of my constituents are heard in Victoria will always be my number one priority as an MP.

During this session, there were many crucial issues to discuss – from rising gas prices and unaffordability to the health care crisis and, of course, the NDP’s decision to spend a billion dollars for a museum that no one asked for.

Right now, people across our province are struggling. There is no shortage of problems that people are asking the government to solve. But unfortunately, the NDP is not acting on any of them. The government has repeatedly failed to take action to reduce gas prices, despite months of our Official Opposition calling on it to act. They have consistently dodged questions about the dire state of health care in our province, and instead of addressing the growing problem of prolific offenders and crime in our communities, the NDP has hired a committee to write a report On the question.

As the session drew to a close, it became clear that this NDP government is out of touch with the issues affecting British Columbians. They talk about working for people but have done nothing to show that they are capable of delivering on their promises. In the end, the simple truth is that people deserve better. They deserve a government that understands and addresses the challenges they face every day. One that doesn’t just say they work to make life better, but takes the necessary steps to make it a reality.

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