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Sheed wins support for parliamentary change

Voices silenced: Suzanna Sheed says non-government business should be ‘handed over to the Victorian Parliament’. Photo by AAP Independent MP for Shepparton Suzanna Sheed has welcomed an e-petition supporting her long campaigning around non-government affairs in Victoria’s Parliament. Ms Sheed called for the return of non-government business to the Victorian Legislative Assembly, a right enjoyed […]

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Review of the worst house on the street – you’ll be screaming on TV “WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?” | Television & radio

SSuch is the total state of this country that when I first saw the title of this series I assumed it was an understatement for Britain. As in: this is Worst House on the Street, a hard-hitting Channel 4 documentary about the UK housing crisis. Then set the tape – as my mum would say […]


Legislative breaks to campaign | Boston

BOSTON — State lawmakers wrapped up their biennial session over the weekend by frantically pushing through bills dealing with sports betting, mental health and cannabis laws, but failing to take action on a major tax relief program. Shortly after 5 a.m. Monday morning, the Democratic-controlled House and Senate approved bills legalizing sports betting in the […]

Legislative assembly

Limit the mandate of the Prime Minister, proposes Bersatu Sabah

Khairul Firdaus KOTA KINABALU (August 1): Bersatu Sabah’s information chief, Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan, has suggested that there be a time limit on the prime minister’s tenure to avoid abuse of power. Firdaus pointed out that in the case of Sabah, it was proposed in the State Legislative Assembly that the tenure of the Chief […]

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VOX POPULI: Politicians’ ties to the Unification Church must be examined

The three-way relationship between politics, government and business was once likened to a game of rock-paper-scissors, in which each has the upper hand over the other. Politicians control bureaucrats through appointments and promotions, and bureaucrats exercise authority over industries through regulation. And industries influence politicians through votes and donations. Farmers and doctors come to mind […]