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2021, a record year for the collection of room taxes | Business

Puerto Rico Tourism Co. (PRTC) today joins the commemoration of World Tourism Day by announcing that 2021 has become a banner year for tourism on the island. This was evidenced by the highest numbers recorded in room tax collections in the first eight months of the calendar year, with six of them recording the highest figures since 2008.

As the PRTC reports show, the month of July reflects the highest impact on room tax collection with an unprecedented amount of $ 11,155,042, compared to $ 7,059,467 in July 2017, which had been The highest. It is followed by the month of June, which in 2014 reflected $ 6,567,228, also significantly exceeding it with a total of $ 10,341,325.

During the current year, there has been a sharp increase in the collection of taxes from new hostels of various modalities, with short-term rentals being the fastest growing. In total, there are currently 4,306 dwellings registered in the tax collection division of the PRTC, which is an increase of 24% from the 3,471 registered in 2020.

“At Puerto Rico Tourism Co., we are extremely happy and grateful for the boom and growth that our industry has experienced this year 2021, after such a difficult time that has been experienced around the world, due to the COVID pandemic. -19, even reaching historic levels in housing collections and the creation of new tourism businesses. For this reason, today we celebrate World Tourism Day with great enthusiasm under the slogan established by UNWTO, Tourism for Inclusive Growth ”, PRTC Executive Director Carlos Mercado Santiago.

According to Mercado, “we can say that we have experienced one of the most successful stages in the history of tourism in Puerto Rico, as we have relied on the active inclusion of talents, efforts and collaboration from different segments. who contribute to the sector, such as: agro-industries, tour operators, restaurant managers and waiters, porters, flight attendants, cruise lines, carriers, among others; and of course the local and international tourists who visit us and who make up the universe that drives the tourism industry. All of this translates into economic development for Puerto Rico. “

In commemoration of World Tourism Day, he presented Governor Pedro R. Pierluisi’s Proclamation to five tourism businesses that exemplify the theme of tourism for inclusive growth. These are:

Bici Cano – It has just joined as an approved company and obtained its Ecotourism certification. He toured the G8 communities and discussed the proposals that the UNWTO presents as an objective of strengthening world tourism.

Seaside Playa Puerto Nuevo – Awarded as part of the Blue Flag program. Among its offers (and compliance criteria) is the power to guarantee access to the beach to anyone with a physical limitation that prevents or complicates access and enjoyment of the sea.

Peniel Access Ecological Tour – Licensed company that offers accessible kayaking experiences in the Laguna Grande de Fajardo and pioneer in special equipment to guarantee the experience for all.

Punta Tuna Eco Tours – Approved community ecotourism company. Among its tour offerings are interpretive panels suitable for blind people and specialized chairs for better movement along sidewalks for people in wheelchairs, among others.

Puerto Rico Al Sur – Approved ecotourism company that responds to community inclusion.

“It should be noted the interest that Puerto Rican businessmen have shown in betting on the tourism industry to develop their businesses. It is a factor that enriches the market and the experience that we offer to the visitor, this which helps us add more diversity and strength to Puerto Rico’s positioning as a world-class tourist destination, ”said Mercado.

As part of the PRTC’s initiatives in celebration of World Tourism Day 2021, the government entity posted the message “Thank you Puerto Rico, 2021: a banner year for tourism” on its social networks and on digital billboards around the island, in collaboration with private companies.

In turn, the companies recognized today will be reviewed throughout the week on the institutional social media of the PRTC and the Voy Turisteando brand, in order to raise awareness of the faces of tourism in Puerto Rico, community programs and those who offer accessible experiences. people with physical limitations.

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