2 health bills advance through the Legislative Assembly on Thursday – Daily Leader

Two health-related bills were advanced Thursday in the Mississippi Legislature.

House Bill 764 was introduced to create the Mississippi Health Care Worker Retention Act of 2022 on Jan. 17 by four Republican Representatives — Philip Gunn, Kevin Felsher, Lester Carpenter and Jill Ford.

The bill was referred to the Appropriations Committee and the bill as amended by the committee was returned to the Plenary on Thursday.

The bill would direct funds from the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund to the state Department of Health. The funds would then be used for Mississippi’s licensed hospitals and long-term care facilities to provide “premium pay” to certified healthcare workers “who are primarily dedicated to mitigating or responding to the current public health emergency.” COVID-19”.

House Bill 43 passed the House on Thursday. HB 43 is a law amending the Mississippi Code of 1972 to remove the cap on the number of nurses and National Board-certified speech-language pathologists and audiologists employed by school districts eligible to receive the NBC salary supplement. The law would also require payment of an annual salary supplement to state-licensed athletic trainers employed by these districts.

The bill was introduced by Republican Representatives John Read and Kevin Felsher on Jan. 4 and passed as amended after it was returned to the House by the House Appropriations Committee.

Other bills that saw some activity on Thursday include:

  • Senate Bill 2603, a law creating a right to follow-up testing for a law enforcement officer who tests positive for illegal drug use, and providing conditions for suspension pending the results of the follow-up test. The bill moved from the labor committee to the Judiciary Division A committee.
  • HB 1010 would amend the 1972 Code to provide definitions of criminal firearm violations and exclude certain weapons from the list of those prohibited from possession by persons convicted of a crime. A version of the bill amended by the Judicial Division B committee passed the House.
  • HB 1418, “The Preservation of the Second Amendment Act,” passed as amended by Judicial Division B committee. to prohibit, confiscate or interfere with the ownership and use of legally owned firearms.