1,921 regulations filed with China’s highest legislature for review

A total of 1,921 administrative regulations, supervisory regulations, local regulations and judicial interpretations have been filed with China’s highest legislature for registration and review during the past year.

The figure was made public during an ongoing session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. The Legislative Affairs Committee of the AFN Standing Committee submitted a report on its 2021 registration and review work to the session on Tuesday for deliberation.

Registration and review is the power granted by the Constitution and law to the AFN Standing Committee to ensure that by-laws, supervisory regulations, local by-laws and judicial interpretations conform to the Constitution. and national laws.

In 2021, the Legislative Affairs Commission launched three special aggregate reviews of normative documents in specific areas. In one such review conducted to facilitate the implementation of China’s new birth policy, the commission identified 3,632 family planning-related normative documents that need to be amended or abolished.

A total of 42 normative documents were revised while 428 were abolished, according to the report.

The commission also received 6,339 review suggestions from citizens and organizations in 2021, according to the report.